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Axles Repaired or Replaced

If your vehicle doesn't handle turns well or feels wobbly, there's a chance your wheel bearings have failed. Axles can become damaged from a variety of things, but at Southside Hitch this is the most common reason we need to repair or replace them. If you neglect the signs of bearing damage, they can break apart and damage the axle spindle — and this almost always requires the axles to be replaced.

Bearing Damage Breakdown

Your axles are connected the hub, which has inner and outer bearings on both sides. These bearings are full of grease in order to reduce friction and perform many other important duties on your trailer. They will keep wheels in a smooth rotation and prevent the vehicle from slowing down due to a heavy load or making a tight curve. Most wheel bearings should last up to 150,000 miles, but a sharp impact or carrying a weight load that's too heavy can put strain on the bearing balls. This will wear and eventually damage the bearings as well as the axles.

Axle & Tire Alignment

If your trailer keeps blowing out tires or can't seem to stay straight, your axles may also be out of alignment. This is an easy fix at Southside Hitch. Our team will make accurate measurements and adjustments so that your trailer gets better fuel economy, traction, and a longer tread life.

Whatever reason you bring your trailer in for, we can effectively diagnose any problem and provide quick and easy service. Our team of skilled repairmen will look at every option before deciding if the axles need to be replaced. If you're interested in scheduling an appointment with Southside Hitch, give us a call at 804-378-1992

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