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Welding & Special Fabrication

Southside Hitch - Welding and Special Fabrications

We offer welding and special fabrication to provide an even more customized experience for our customers. Our services can be tailored to repair or modify your trailer as needed.

Special Fabrications

If you need something specially made or installed on your trailer, our team of experts is up for the challenge. We pride ourselves on final products that are well designed and show a high level of craftsmanship. Our skills in service, fabrication and styling will exceed your vision for your trailer.

Special Fabrications may include:

  • Add or Extend Sides to Trailers
  • Replace Coupler
  • Add or Replace Steel Mesh
  • Add Spare Tire Mount
  • Install Ramp Gate Assist
  • Add Weed Eater Rack
  • Install Leaf Vac Mount


Often, a trailer repair may require welding services. That’s why Southside Hitch is your reliable one-stop-shop. Whether you need a small or major repair, you can trust our welding team to get the job done right. We can repair broken trailer hitches or do a complete replacement. We can also fix frame and axle damage. Welding is also great for installing new trailer hitches, winches, spare tire mounts and replacement wheel jacks. Southside Hitch is capable of handling aluminum and steel trailers as well as repairing breaks and cracks. If the material has rotted or is damaged, we can replace out those sections.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in welding services or special fabrication give Southside Hitch a call at 804-378-1992. Whatever you need in the way of special fabrication, Southside Hitch is ready to help get the job done and do it right. Let our expert welding team help you customize a trailer that is perfect for your unique needs. We will certainly exceed your expectations in service and skill. If you need something custom, we're happy to help!