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Trailer Light & Wire Service

Southside Hitch - Trailer Rewire Service

At Southside Hitch, we can repair or replace many kinds of lights on trailers. We also can repair or replace some or all of the wiring on your trailer. Keeping your trailer safe and visible on the road is our top priority.

Trailer Rewire

A trailer's light and brake wiring is exposed to many harsh conditions and can develop issues easily. We can replace the front cord, junction box and/or brake wiring. Routing all wires under the trailer in a safe manner is very important.

Light Replacement

Southside Hitch can replace your old, dull or broken lights with safe and reliable LED lights. It is important to perform a light check every time you tow. When you bring your trailer to us, we will start by inspecting the trailer wiring and connectors. If the issue is as simple as a bad bulb, we can replace it.

If this issue is broken or defective bulbs, we will remove them and rewire your system with LED lights. At Southside Hitch, we find that these lights are the brightest and most reliable. If you would like to make an appointment with us, please give call 804-378-1992. We’re happy to diagnose any issues. Learn more about our towing electrical services or give us a call at Southside Hitch.