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Products Southside Hitch Offers

Southside Hitch has been Central Virginia’s authority on towing and hitch installation for almost 30 years. In that time, we have built trust and a strong reputation among the thousands of customers and businesses we have proudly served. We always make sure trailer safety is the top priority which is why our dedicated staff provides expert level service with quality products from top manufacturers.

Choosing Southside Hitch for a repair, installation or customized upgrade means you can trust the work will be done right and with the best products. From hitches and equalizers to wheels and trailer jacks, we carry a variety of products from manufacturers we trust—names like Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese, Pro Series, Curt, B&W, Blue Ox and more.

The first step in assuring you are towing safely is to use the right towing equipment. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through choosing the right products for your vehicle and what you may be towing. Whether it be a car, truck, van or utility vehicle, Southside Hitch can assemble the perfect towing system—we even offer custom hitch fabrication. Have a look at some of the products we offer.


We offer a variety of hitches including rear mount, front mount, goosenecks, fifth wheels, RV trailer hitches and more. No matter what you’re towing or what you’re towing with, we can help you choose the right hitch and accessories.

Running Gear

What is running gear? Running gear includes brakes, tires, wheels, bearings, leaf springs and equalizers—everything you may need to help keep your trailer rolling safely down the road.


Keeping your signal lights in working order can help you stay safe while towing and also avoid any equipment violations. Plug-and-play wiring can make it simple to connect the trailer’s electrical system directly to your vehicle.

Electrical brakes are a feature that can help a vehicle and trailer safely come to a complete stop. Wired through a tow vehicle’s electrical system, these brakes work in tandem with a vehicle’s breaks to slow down a trailer’s speed and are controlled with a brake control located in the tow vehicle cab.

Suspension/Weight Distribution

Suspension/weight distribution is an important factor to consider to stabilize whatever you may be towing. We offer several different types of weight equalizer systems that can balance the weight of the cargo and tongue weight. This can help eliminate any sway that may occur while in motion.


Having the right accessories can always make work or play easier. We can customize your trailer with toolboxes, tie down rings, spare tire carriers, ladder racks, trailer locks, gate assists, exterior lighting and more.

Southside Hitch takes pride in every installation and repair. This means we also take pride in the quality of the products we sell. Professional work with quality products means a safer haul for our customers. Feel free to contact us and let us help you with all of your towing needs.