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Hitch Tube Covers

Having a towing hitch permanently mounted to your vehicle is a necessity for hauling a trailer and other loads. But what about when you are not towing and it is not needed? Without the drawbar and ball mount attached, you are left with an open hitch tube. Many drivers think this look is ugly or unsightly, but there are other reasons your hitch tube should remain covered up when not in use.

If left exposed to the elements, a hitch tube can become clogged with debris making it more difficult to insert a drawbar or add other hitch-mounted accessories. Getting water inside of your hitch tube can also cause it to rust leading to other problems down the road—not to mention all the types of animals that might try to make a home in it.

Adding a cover to your hitch tube when it is not in use not only helps prevent these problems but can also add some visibility to a protruding hitch tube—saving you some bumps and bruises to your shins and knees. Covering an open hitch tube also adds to the overall look of your vehicle.

Hitch tube covers are easy to mount and work with all standard tube sizes. Southside Hitch offers many different styles from manufacturers like Draw-Tite, Reese, Curt and more. Available with chrome or black finish options, hitch tube covers can be made of steel, plastic or rubber.

Steel and plastic hitch tube covers use a hitch pin and clip to mount onto your hitch tube in the same fashion as a ball mount. Rubber hitch tube covers mount with a friction fit and are held securely in place without the need of pins or clips.

If you are in the need of a hitch tube cover, call Southside Hitch at 804-378-1992 or visit us in Midlothian. Our professional team will be glad to serve you. We can also handle all of your hitch repair and replacement needs too.

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