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Routine Maintenance

Southside Hitch - Routine Maintenance

All trailers need some form of routine maintenance. At Southside Hitch, we’re proud to offer this service to our customers in Central, Virginia. While manufacturers recommend bearings be serviced every year, we’ve found that it depends on the amount of use. Trailers with light use can go longer without maintenance, while trailers with extreme or constant use may need to be seen more frequently.

Our expert team will check the following parts on your trailer:

  • Trailer tires
  • Lights
  • Wiring
  • Safety chains
  • Coupler latch
  • Springs

All trailers should be kept in good shape with the following maintenance:

  • Regularly wash trailer to avoid the accumulation of road dust, which degrades moving parts. Boat trailers need to be washed after every use as salt water can cause corrosion.
  • Keep moving parts lubricated such as the winch, ball hitch, springs and tongue jack.
  • Fill up tires regularly.
  • Check the lighting system to make sure it is working. Check wires for corroded, worn, or cracked spots.

If you would like to bring your trailer in for routine maintenance, give Southside Hitch a call at 804-378-1992 to schedule your appointment.