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Blue Ox™ SwayPro - Weight Distribution with Sway Control

The SwayPro requires no head angle adjustment.

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Turnoverball™ - Gooseneck Hitch

B&W Turnoverball™ Gooseneck Hitch converts to a level bed in seconds.

About Southside Hitch

Everyone here at Southside Hitch takes pride in doing their job correctly. We don't oversell unnecessary repairs. We take pride in informing our customers of the many choices they have in proceeding with a repair. This is why we offer free quotes on trailer service. Our most important goal is to provide a service where trailer safety is the top priority.

About Southside Hitch

What Our Customers Say

George B.
"First, let me say that Josh and Brandon did a great job...even though I showed up 6 hours late due to a tire blowout on the RV... they squeezed me in and got the work done before closing. I was really impressed with their concern for accuracy in and quality in each step of the installation process. You can see the results in the pix below! I believe this may be the only class A gas RV in the country carrying two full sized scooters...and doing it RIGHT! You may feel free to use my pictures and comments on your website to show others what you can do. Anyway....thanks again to you & the guys for the great service and you can bet that my friends and family who need hitch work will know about the BEST place to go! Regards,"

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2015 Virginia Trailer Inspection

Don't forget, if you have a trailer with a braking system, you are required to have your trailer inspected each year, which is something we can help you with...

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