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Trailer Rewire Service

At Southside Hitch, we can do a partial or complete rewiring of trailers. If your lights are dull or are not working, this may mean rewiring is required. It's required by law to have correct wiring from the vehicle to the trailer it pulls.

Complete Rewire

You may need a complete rewire if your car experienced an electrical surge or wires were somehow damaged. At Southside Hitch, our complete rewire service includes a new front cord, junction box, and a new wire routed safely to each light. We can also rewire your electrical break system or add a new system. We'll diagnose if failed lights are due to a wiring problem or if lightbulbs have gone out.

Light Replacement

Southside Hitch will replace your old, dull or broken taillights with bright safe and reliable LED lights. It's important to check that lights are working every time you are planning to tow. When you bring your trailer to us we'll start by inspecting all existing wiring including the vehicle to trailer connectors. If you want to check for yourself whether your issue is with wiring or bulbs, see how the lights react when the breaks are applied. If one side of the lights brighten while the others dim or go out then that will tell you the wiring system has an issue. The ground for the lighting system is usually the metal frame of the trailer.

If this issue is broken or defective bulbs we will remove them and rewire your system with LED lights. At Southside Hitch, we find that these lights are the brightest and most reliable. If you would like to make an appointment with us, please give call 804-378-1992. We're happy to diagnose any issues. Learn more about electrical services at Southside Hitch.

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