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Vehicle and Trailer Products

We carry products from the top manufacturers such as Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese, Pro Series, Curt, B&W, Blue Ox and more. Read below for more information about our products, or feel free to contact us for all of your towing needs.

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CURT Mount Products For Sale

  • CURT Adjustable Tri-Ball Mount
  • CURT Multi-Ball Mount
  • CURT Adjustable Channel-Style Mount
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Vehicle Products


Class I–Class V Hitches. Southside Hitch stocks a wide selection of trailer hitches for virtually any car, truck, van or utility vehicle. We can also custom fabricate a hitch for most other vehicles.

Goosenecks & 5th Wheels

We prefer goosenecks made by B&W, the best and most reliable turnover ball on the market and 5th wheels for long bed and short bed trucks.

Front Mount Hitches & Baseplates

Need to pull your car behind your motorhome or RV? We are direct distributers for Roadmaster and Blue Ox baseplates. Want to put a winch, fishing rack or cooler rack on the front of your truck? We carry a front hitch for that as well.

Suspension/Weight Distribution

Our weight equalizer and sway control systems don't just stop swag but prevent it from starting ensuring a safe & comfortable ride.

Featured Products


We carry many types of towing related electrical components for your vehicle. From simple plug and play wiring for towing small trailers to more complex systems for trailers with electric brakes.

Trailer Products

State Inspections

Virginia registered trailers with braking systems are required to be state inspected each year. This includes boat trailers, campers, enclosed trailers and utility trailers.

Running Gear

Bearings: We carry all the common sizes of bearings, races and seals.

Brakes: We carry complete brake assemblies and individual parts such as brake shoes, magnets, wheel cylinders, adjusters and springs.

Tires & Wheels: We stock several tires and wheels already mounted and ready for use. Tire replacement can usually be done in one day.

Leaf Springs: Springs can be upgraded or replaced as needed.

Equalizers: We carry a full line of Equalizers, Shackle Straps, Shackle Bolts and Bushings.

Trailer Parts

Couplers: We carry a wide range of couplers and coupler parts.

Safety Chains: We carry a wide range safety chains, safety cables and attachment options.

Lights, Plugs & Wiring: We have a large selection of running lights. We also have Submersible LED Taillights and marker lights.

Trailer Jacks: We carry a variety of front trailer jacks.

Accessories: Add anything to your trailer. Extra lights, power winch, tool box, etc.

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