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Suspension/Weight Distribution

At Southside Hitch, we've seen plenty of customers who are worried about losing control of their trailer due to sway. If you've experienced sway, you know it's a heart-pounding moment that feels as if you've lost control of your cargo. Suspension/Weight distribution is a big factor in stabilizing your hold. Southside Hitch can install several types of weight equalizer systems that are designed to strike a balance between the general weight of the cargo and how much tongue weight there is (the amount of weight that presses down on the hitch.) We can also add airbags to the rear of your towing vehicle.


Southside Hitch sells weight equalizers and sway control systems from trusted brands. Browse some of our products in our online store, or come visit our garage in Southside Richmond to see our full selection.

Installation Process

When choosing a weight equalizer system, we look at several factors. Most important is the weight of the load you'll be towing. We make sure the gross trailer weight and the capacity for distributing tongue weight are above the amount you tow, but not by too much. The install begins by inserting the trailer hitch and a shank into a 2-inch wide receiver. We then mount a head assembly that provides the surface for the spring bars and hitch ball. The set-up basically involves spring bars that run from the head to a pair of chains. The chains are below the trailer and we set them to create tension along the spring bars, which then distributes weight along the axles.

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