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Southside Hitch has been providing quality hitch service and repair to Richmond, Virginia for more than 28 years. The hitch is one of the most important components of towing as it connects the vehicle to the trailer. Selecting the right one depends on a variety factors, such as what vehicle you drive and the Gross Trailer Weight, i.e. the weight of a fully loaded trailer. At Southside Hitch, our customers depend on us for help with hitch selection, installation, service, repairs, and replacements.

Products & Installation

Whether you're towing a cargo box or a speedboat, our quality products from the best manufacturers can get you where you need to go. We offer Class 1-5 receiver hitches, as well as front mount, 5th wheel, and goosemouth hitches — our team of experts can also custom fabricate a hitch to your needs. We'll help you make the best selection and our team will install your hitch right in our garage. Some installation may involve drilling holes through the truck bed, so we offer a professional touch even a handyman can't resist. Shop our hitches and other products here.

Services & Repairs

It's a good idea to have your trailer serviced once a year. Southside Hitch will make sure you're riding smooth with a perfect system. It's also important to keep an eye out for any signs of damage or loose connection, including rattling and trailer sway. Bring your trailer to our garage if you notice any of these signs. We're dedicated to assuring safe towing and traveling for families and customers.

Contact us at Southside Hitch to learn more about our hitch services and repairs. Give us a call at 804-378-1992.

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