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Goosenecks & 5th Wheels

When you need some serious towing strength, you need a hitch you can rely on. At Southside Hitch, we can install, repair, and service gooseneck and 5th wheel hitches. These are sturdy hitches that have a high GTW or Gross Trailer Weight. If you're not sure what kind of hitch is right for you, our professional team can help you make the best choice.

Our Products

Southside Hitch installs goosenecks made by B&W, which has the best and most reliable turnover ball on the market. We also install 5th wheels for long and short bed trucks. Both types of hitches are Class 5 — they can handle up to 30,000 pounds and are often used to tow sizeable cargo such as a horse trailer. Explore our products in our online store.

What's the Difference between Goosenecks & 5th Wheels?

5th wheel hitches use a wheel-shaped plate to connect the vehicle and cargo. The popular gooseneck hitch uses a hitch ball that locks the connection in place. Goosenecks are often preferred for their simplicity and ability to make tighter turns.

The Installation Process

Our process for installing these hitches depends on the brand. Sometimes a few modifications may need to be made to the vehicle. The installation for gooseneck hitches typically requires a hole to be drilled through the center of the truck bed. This is how the underlying frame will firmly attach to the hitch ball. 5th wheel hitches are attached with a coupling pin on the front of the trailer and the hitch itself is attached to the rear of the vehicle.

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If you need a 5th wheel or gooseneck installed call Southside Hitch at 804-378-1992 to schedule your appointment today. We also offer hitch repair and replacement.

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