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Front Mount Hitches

Southside Hitch helps customers achieve safe and easy towing. If you want to tow your car behind your motorhome or RV, we can install Blue Ox base plates on many kinds of vehicles. For simpler needs, we can also install a hitch that can hold items such as a fishing rack or cooler. Both of these hitches are installed on the front of the vehicle.

Why Get a Front Mount Hitch?

If you want to pull a vehicle behind you with all four-wheels on the road, you will need a front mount hitch. With the tow bar method, you'll need several components: the tow bar, the hitch, and base plates. The hitch goes on the back of the towing vehicle, the tow bar is attached, and the base plates connect to the item you are towing.


Southside Hitch is a direct distributor for Roadmaster and Blue Ox baseplates. We also carry front hitches that are perfect for adding items such as a winch, fishing rack, or cooler rack on the front of your truck. Browse more of our products in our online store.

Installation Process

It's impossible to describe a simple installation process for these hitches without knowing what type of vehicle is being used. The basic process starts with securely bolted base plates and receiving brackets. These brackets will receive the ends of each arm on the tow bar. Base plates will often need to be customized to fit the vehicle. Higher-end styles are concealed while standard base plates are clearly visible.

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