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Southside Hitch is qualified to install many types of towing related electrical components on your vehicle — from simple plug and play wiring for towing small trailers to more complex systems for trailers with electric brakes.

Plug and Play Wiring

If you're towing another vehicle behind your own, it's important that the vehicle's brake and signal lights are in working order. It's the law that the cars behind you must know when you are braking or turning. For pre-rigged vehicles this is a simple task of inserting the trailer plug into a system on your vehicle. If your vehicle is not pre-rigged, we can set you up with a wire kit specific to your vehicle's make, model, and year.

Electric Brakes

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of power to bring a vehicle and the trailer to a complete stop. It most cases, it requires more than just the brakes on your vehicle. Electrical brakes connect to the tow vehicle's electrical system. In order to make these brakes effective, your tow vehicle must be equipped with a brake control. These brakes live in the cab of the vehicle and usually have a few different controls. The driver is able to disconnect it at any time.


Southside Hitch carries many types of towing related electrical components for your vehicle. We sell brakes and wire systems from trusted brands. Browse more products in our online store, or visit our garage in Southside Richmond for our full selection of trailer products and accessories.

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