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Southside Hitch Service and Repairs

At Southside Hitch we provide unmatched vehicle and trailer services related to hitches, suspension, electrical, routine maintenance, accessories, welding & fabrication, wiring, tires, brakes and much more!

There is no job too big or small when it comes to maintaining your vehicle's towing or trailer.

Vehicle Service


Class I–Class V Hitches Installed. Southside Hitch installs a wide selection of trailer hitches for virtually any car, truck, van or utility vehicle. We can also custom fabricate a hitch for most other vehicles.

Goosenecks & 5th Wheels

We install goosenecks made by B&W, the best and most reliable turnover ball on the market and 5th wheels for long bed and short bed trucks.

Front Mount Hitches & Baseplates

Want to pull your car behind your motorhome or RV? We install Blue Ox baseplates on many kinds of vehicles. We also wire your tow vehicle for lights.

Want to put a winch, fishing rack or cooler rack on the front of your truck? We can install a front hitch for that as well.

Suspension/Weight Distribution

We install several types of weight equalizer systems. Sway control can be added to most systems. W can also add airbags to the rear of your towing vehicle.


We are qualified to install many types of towing related electrical components on your vehicle. From simple plug and play wiring for towing small trailers to more complex systems for trailers with electric brakes.

Trailer Service

State Inspections

Virginia registered trailers with braking systems are required to be state inspected each year. This includes boat trailers, campers, enclosed trailers and utility trailers. If a trailer has a gross weight capacity of 3000lbs or more it is required to have a brake system.

Routine Maintenance

All trailers need some form of routine maintenance. Some need more depending on amount of use. The manufacturer recommends bearings be serviced every year. We have found that trailers with light use can go longer and trailers with extreme or constant use may need to be done more frequently. Trailer tires, lights, wiring, safety chains, coupler latch and springs should also be regularly checked.


We can install spare tire carriers, tie down rings, toolboxes, weed eater racks, gate assist and many other accessories.

Welding & Special Fabrication

We can repair or modify your trailer as needed. We can make and install ladder racks. Add or extend sides to open trailers. Replace or add steel mesh to ramps or sides.

Axles Repaired or Replaced

Axles can get damaged from a variety of things. The most common is bearing failure. If a bearing is neglected it can break apart and damage the axle spindle. Sometimes this can be repaired, however most of the time the axle must be replaced.

Trailer Rewire Service

We can do a partial or complete rewiring of trailers. A complete rewire would include a new front cord, junction box and new wire routed safely to each light. We can also replace your old, dull or broken taillights with bright safe and reliable LED lights.

Tires and Brakes

Trailers require their own kind of tire. Passenger car tires are constructed differently and are not safe for use on trailers. We match each trailer with the correct tire for weight and use.

We carry a wide selection of trailer brakes and brake parts. Our technicians have many years of experience replacing brakes.

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